Environmentally Friendly

We supply our water in beautiful glass bottles and then order a deposit to get them back. This allows us to clean, sterilize and re-use them while helping our customers save a bit of money at the same time.

This form of recycling is the most environmentally friendly way of supplying a beverage as many people do not know, but glass is not as good for the environment as we perceive. Although it can be recycled unlimited times, it takes an extremely long time to biodegrade and when manufacturing and recycling glass, it also uses an extreme amount of energy which in turn creates a lot of air pollution.

So, let’s keep it simple and reduce what we throw away and reuse what we can.

Help us save our planet one bottle at a time.


15 On Grace

Together we will save South Africans and the Planet

One bottle at a time!

Locally Sourced

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Our glass bottled water is sourced from the heart of the Olifantsfontein stream making it extremely smooth and very nutritional. Once pulled from our well it goes through a section of filters taking out any unnecessary turbidity and solids. From there its sits in a tank and gets ozonated making sure it has no bacteria living in it. Just before being bottled into our beautiful bottle it passes through an Ultra Violet light as one last precautionary measure for bacteria. It then gets capped, sealed and sent to you for an amazing drinking experience.

Our cans are sourced from a private water source. They then get refined through a process of reverse osmosis and further prepared with all the necessary nutrients your body needs. All this before going into our beautifully designed aluminum cans. 

Because our water is sourced locally, it also helps us decrease carbon emissions when transporting the product to you.

Let us create a sustainable future together.


15 On Grace

Water With a Difference